Jarett is the youth pastor at Ignite Wesleyan Church. He leads the youth group, grades 6th through 12th. 

Jarett aims to seek Jesus with all of his heart, and actively works to make disciples of Jesus. He is very passionate about helping young people grow deep roots in their faith and hopes to send youth out into the world on fire for Jesus and ready to share the hope that He brings. 

Jarett has been married to Emma Keffeler since May 2021. They both graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University, and work together at Ignite Wesleyan. He also coaches track and field at Sheridan Jr. high school. In his free time Jarett enjoys being active, Mt. biking, hiking, climbing, mountaineering, camping, fishing, hunting, kayaking, backpacking, snorkeling, surfing, and any type of sport.