We believe corporate Praise and Worship magnifies, intensifies, and amplifies our relationship to the Spirit of God. We seek to worship in Spirit and in Truth, speaking with one another in songs, hymns, and spiritual songs.

gather for worship.

Worship is the mark of God’s People – the response to God’s Presence among us. It opens our eyes, hearts, and minds to new colors, possibilities, and revelations.

encounter via worship.

Music is our language of worship, our vehicle of communication, a time and space where emotional response to God’s Spirit is amplified. Sacred music teaches us gently and reminds us with every repeat the truth of scripture. It goes places in us where nothing else can go and often stays longer. It echoes God’s own singing over us: exuberant, loud, happy songs of deliverance.

ignite in praise.

The Spirit of the LORD is upon us because the LORD has anointed us to grant to those who mourn the garment of PRAISE instead of a spirit of heaviness.

(derived from Isaiah 61:1-3)