All YOUTH can meet us in the Youth Room for:

YOUTH GROUP -  Every Sunday Night @ 6:00pm-8:00pm

Meet us at Pastor Jarett & Emma's House (across the church parking lot) for:


MID-WEEK BIBLE STUDY - Every Wednesday Night @ 6:30pm- 7:30pm


CATALYST is a group of youth and leaders who set Ignite Wesleyan, Sheridan and the world on fire for Christ!

CATALYST Youth is a place for Mid-High and High-School Youth to come and hang out, study God’s Word, learn how to handle life’s challenges and experience the love of God. Everyone is welcomed here and we are always happy to see new faces!

It is our dream for this youth ministry to raise up young people who aren’t afraid to become the CATALYST of their generation by becoming a reflection of Jesus Christ in their everyday lives.

Catalyst youth Devotionals

Enjoy these devotionals recorded by some of our youth leaders! There is a God who loves you and a church that loves you!

APRIL 8, 2020 Catalyst STudy - Greater Than

"If the world hates you...know it hated me before it hated you." Following God may not be popular and easy but it is what we are called to do! Lets walk through it together!! Watch and follow along in the attachments under Day 4!


APRIL 1, 2020 Catalyst STudy - Greater Than

3 days later after the best and worst day...what does that look like?! We can know HIM!! WHAT?!?! God knows more about us than even we know about us. He still loves us. We are to feel our way toward Him. How do we actually GET it? Here are the answers!!


March 25, 2020 Catalyst STudy - Greater Than

ATTENTION Catalyst Youth (Parents of Catalyst youth, spread the word!). Here is the week two lesson for the youth!

Why doesn't God stop all the bad things from happening? Why do bad things happen? The next video in the Greater Than series helps walk through that! Proverbs 3:5-6...follow along in the study guide below under 'resources'!


March 18, 2020 Catalyst STudy - Greater Than

ATTENTION Catalyst Youth (Parents of Catalyst youth, spread the word!). I know we are unable to meet in person Sunday mornings, Tuesday mornings for our breakfast, and Wednesday nights BUT this is no surprise to God. God is still God no matter what the world can throw at us!! The youth leaders truly miss being with you in person and we have to find ways to connect to fill that void we have! This is our void filler, for now. Join us in our next study online. Message any of us with questions, comments, prayer requests, and jokes!

That being said, this got me thinking about our collective story! God is greater than any pain, sin or hardship that we might encounter in this life. Watch the video I attached and follow along with the study guide(I will put it in the comments section below), and you too will realize that God is greater than any obstacle standing in your way.

We love you and we are praying for each and every one of you!